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Quick Background

Dr Plum is an Australian academic thesis editor and proofreader. He has ten years experience in academic thesis editing, academic thesis proofreading and academic dissertation editing and proofing with clients in Australia, Asia, and around the world. Dr Plum has worked in universities in Australia and Hong Kong as well as in the computer industry. He has taught English linguistics, and carried out research into text, grammar, tertiary literacy and communication between professionals and their clients.

Academic Editing Services — Dr Guenter A Plum

dissertations / theses
articles for publication
research reports
submissions and proposals 

About My Editing Services

    • Range of disciplines, eg education, English, history, linguistics, applied linguistics, politics, sociology, law, commerce, business, IT, communication. (Note: I do not edit natural sciences (physics, biology, medicine, etc.) or engineering text.)
    • Writing by native / non-native speakers of English with a wide range of writing ability and experience in producing theses, articles, research reports etc.
    • Writing by speakers of Chinese from Hong Kong (Cantonese), China (Putonghua) and Singapore (Putonghua and a variety of dialects).
    • Technical documentation from Japan, written by speakers of Japanese and translated into English.

  • Process of editing / proofreading / formatting of writer’s electronic file on-screen in MS Word. Upon completion file is returned with all changes tracked, thereby letting the writer accept, reject or modify any or all changes. Word comments are inserted into the text with queries to be resolved or suggestions to be implemented by the writer. All correspondence and exchange of files by email.

  • Charges are on the basis of time spent, which takes into account the often substantial differences between documents in terms of the type of the text (eg dissertation vs project report) and English-language competence of the writer (eg native vs non-native speaker).

  • Estimates of the time likely to be taken are very difficult but based on my inspection of a substantial sample of your document, eg. a chapter of a thesis, plus information about the type (PhD / Masters thesis, article for publication, etc.) and word length of your document, and the service you require, I will provide a non-binding estimate.

You choose from:

  • Proofreading: fixing typographical, spelling and common grammatical errors; checking in-text references against list of references; checking numbering of tables, figures, examples, etc.

  • Copy editing: proofreading as above plus rewriting at clause level, checking thematic organisation at sentence / paragraph level

  • Substantive editing: proofreading & copy editing as above plus checking logical argumentation, restructuring at section / chapter level if needed

  • Formatting: producing consistency in style and lay-out using MS Word styles

My Background


  • PhD (Linguistics), University of Sydney (1988)

  • BA (First Class Honours, Linguistics), University of Sydney (1979)

  • CELTA (Cambridge/RSA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

Expertise and Interests

Editing & Educational Consulting

  • Editing: Dissertations and reports by academic staff and postgraduate students in Asia and Australia, submitting to universities in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and the United Kingdom, and articles for publication to a variety of national and international academic journals.

  • Educational Consulting: Consulted for University of Hong Kong, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, University of Wollongong University (Australia)

Technical Documentation

  • Advisory Documentation Engineer, Fujitsu Australia 1989-1994

R & D

  • Manager AI project (development of text analysis tool), Fujitsu Australia 1990-1992

Major Research Projects
- Macquarie University (Linguistics & Centre for Language in Social Life) 1995-1998

  • Cross-Cultural Aspects of Communication Skills in Australian University Settings

  • Doctor-Patient Communication in HIV Healthcare

Tertiary Teaching of Linguistics, Communications in Business Studies

  • Lecturer, Tutor 1979-1988, 1995-1997 (University of Sydney, Macquarie University, NSW Institute of Technology, now UTS (University of Technology, Sydney))

Development of Hypertext Grammar of English for Teachers

  • TeleNex Project, University of Hong Kong, Curriculum Studies 2000-2001

Functional Grammar, Genre Theory, Academic Literacy, Professional-Client Communication

Recent Publications

  • Becoming a psychologist: Student voices on academic writing, with Candlin, C.N. (2002) In C. Barron, N. Bruce and D. Nunan (Eds.), Discourse Practices and Social Change. London: Pearson Education.

  • Making sense of HIV-related Viral Load: one expert or two? with Moore, A. and Candlin, C.N. (2001) Culture Health and Sexuality 3: 229-250.

  • Engaging with the challenges of interdiscursivity in academic writing: researchers, students and tutors, with Candlin, C.N. (1999). In C.N. Candlin and K. Hyland (Eds.), Writing: Texts, Processes and Practices. (Applied Linguistics and Language Study Series). London: Longman.

  • Text and Contextual Conditioning in Spoken English. (Monographs in Systemic Linguistics, No. 10). (1998) Nottingham, UK: Department of English Studies, University of Nottingham

  • Researching Academic Literacies. (Report of the ARC Project Framing Student Literacy: Cross-Cultural Aspects of Communication Skills in Australian University Settings), with Candlin, C.N. (Eds.) (1998). North Ryde, NSW: NCELTR, Macquarie University.

  • Construing experience: some story genres, with Martin, J.R. (1997). Journal of Narrative and Life History, Vol. 7, 1-4, 299-308.

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